5 Artists To Listen To If You Love The Shins
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 2018

    • Posted by: Piera Lolandes

    The Shins are set to release a "flipped" version of their 2017 album Heartworms this Friday, January 19. If you're just as confused as I was when you heard "flipped" version, it means that they re-recorded slow songs as fast songs and what was initially slow is now more upbeat. It's a pretty cool idea. Listen to a taste of that idea below.

    "Heartworms" (Flipped):

    "Heartworms" (Original):

    We will be waiting anxiously for Friday but until then, here are some similar artists to The Shins that you should listen to once you've overplayed their entire discography in anticipation.

    1. Neutral Milk Hotel

    Neutral Milk Hotel was formed by singer/guitarist Jeff Mangum in Louisiana in the late 1980's. Both them and The Shins are very guitar-driven and share similar sounding vocals that are clean, pure, and just downright heartwarming.

    2. A.C. Newman

    A.C. Newman is the solo project to The New Pornographers frontman Carl Newman. His vocals as A.C. Newman are reminiscent of The Shins. What he delivers with The New Pornographers is a more upbeat sound and along with the help from several band members, it all becomes much more catchy. Listen to The New Pornographers below and compare for yourself!

    3. The New Pornographers

    4. The Broken West

    The Broken West was formed in Los Angeles back in 2004. Some of their songs have been featured in TV shows and they've said The Beatles are one of their musical influences. They also should have listed The Shins, because the influence is so clear!

    5. Real Estate

    Now, I've seen Real Estate live and I couldn't help but think "they sound a little like The Shins!". Both bands' music is based heavily around jangly guitar and clean sounds. If you like The Shins, you're bound to love the easygoingness of Brooklyn-based Real Estate.

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