Rah Rah Hit You With Some Rock Em Sock Em Canadian Rock
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Though Rah Rah burrows roots into the plains of Regina, Saskatchewan, these frontiersmen and women recently blew through Brooklyn like some liberated tumbleweed, picking up rough and tumble country romps and rambunctious indie rock anthems as the cold, northern winds pushed them along. Actually, most of the songs performed here stem from the band's very fine third album, The Poet's Dead. In person they're a whole lot of band to behold; sequins, bolo ties, balloons, confetti cannons, stuffed animals, and six members who all seem to know their way around each other's instruments. It's a spectacle, I tell you! But for Rah Rah, I suspect it all comes back to those roots we mentioned earlier. Songs like "Art & A Wife," "20s," and "Prairie Girl" all touch on the band's vows to never abandon their home and their creativity while navigating the challenges of growing up. The road is obviously a lot of fun, but possibly not an ideal. So we're ecstatic the band decided to come to Brooklyn, knowing full well this tumbleweed will always be anxious to make its way back home.

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