SNL: Lana Del Rey and Daniel Radcliffe
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    It finally happened-- Lana Del Rey got her big shot to show us what she's made of, and if the backlash is to be believed, she totally blew it. Host Daniel Radcliffe had a few good moments, considering he is a pretty good actor and also Harry Potter 4eva (who doesn't love the boy-who-lived?). But nothing could save Del Rey's amateurish performance, which ranks slightly above Ashlee Simpson lip-syncing (maybe she should have) and slightly below listening to five minutes of white noise.

    Juliette Lewis had the most resonant commentary thus far, sparking a media massacre with her pretty on-point assessment:

    Wow watching this 'singer' on SNL is like watching a 12 year old in their bedroom when they're pretending to sing and perform. #signofourtimes

    Del Rey's performance was squeaky, slightly off-key, and generally uncomfortable for anyone who is aware of what singing is supposed to sound like. This coming from someone who was just warming up to her! I maintain that the songs aren't terribly written, but this performance reeks of favors and mistakes on the part of SNL's execs. Lana is the the first artist since Natalie Imbruglia (1998) to play SNL prior to the release of a major label debut album.

    "Video Games":

    "Blue Jeans":

    I'm afraid this will only fuel the fire, but hopefully that fire is fueled by copies of Born To Die (out 1/30 on Interscope).

    Let's watch some of the night's better sketches to get that Del Rey taste out of our mouth.

    You can do anything!

    Ha! Everyone is an independent filmmaker. Also the "Jay Pharoah Show" was absolutely nuts and self-aware and I loved it because it said everything I've been trying to say about Jay Pharoah, but with jokes!

    And finally, Jason Sudeikis nails Ricky Gervais (not like that).

    Next week SNL will host Emma Stone and a slightly more deserving musical guest (Coldplay). Hey, at least Chris Martin can sing!

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