Weezer Announce New Record And Continue Streak Of Quality New Material
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Alright, Weezer. You've officially built up nothing but good will for the last couple months. Please don't screw it up when it comes time to stick the landing. After years of...not great material, Weezer returned with a triumphant pair of singles in 2015, "Thank God For Girls" and "Do You Wanna Get High," without any official announcement for a new record. As of today, that's no longer the case.

    Weezer has finally made it clear that they're recording a new record, The White Album (that takes stones, Rivers Cuomo; that takes stones) due out in April, and they've shared another new single in advance of this record, "King of the World." Continuing with the retro throwback feel of the first two singles we've heard, "King of the World" sounds like a track that could have easily fit in on Pinkerton or The Blue Album with its mix of power pop hooks and reverbed out guitars. We also got the video for the single which finds a man in the midst of a debauched breakdown wreaking havoc on the waterfront. Come on Weezer. Please let the record itself live up to the standards of these new singles.

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