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    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2010

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    It was quite a week for cheers, jeers and tears, as Vampire Weekend made a decidedly polarizing splash with their latest album, we had a nice chat with Neon Indian and Toro Y Moi, Thao got down in front of our cameras, and beloved punk entertainer Jay Reatard left us too soon. A lot has happened, so let's take off our work shoes and put on our beer-o-clock hats, toast to the good times and the bad, and spin some tunes.

    Music, for better or worse, has always been a powerful agent of unification, not to mention a guaranteed shot in the arm of happiness (whatever your flavor). So let's try to forget our people troubles for an hour or so, and get taken to a dream world of magic, or something. Music!

    Until next time, Baeblers. Don't go changing. -joe puglisi

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    1. "White Blank Page" - Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More
    By now you've probably heard the intricate folk of Sigh No More, as these guys were blog darlings long before hitting our shores. After their successful CMJ run, Mumford and Sons secured a stateside release with Glassnote... and we're very happy about that. The album is due out sometime this spring (date TBA).

    2. "Short Change Hero" - The Heavy - The House That Dirt Built
    Give this one a minute. The hazy battle noises of the opening (at least I think they are battle noises?) fade to a thumping jam that is one of the best off their album. Their throwback rock was recently featured on NPR.

    3. "Yours Truly, 2095" - The Silent League - But You've Always Been The Caretaker
    These disciples of orchestral pop turn auto-tune into a Soft Bulletin-esque shimmer, with this sweeping pop-ode to the future. They are today's album review, check it out for a more in depth look at their epic rock consortium.

    4. "Ascending Melody" - The Dirty Projectors - Ascending Melody 7-Inch
    A two track 7-inch made an appearance last week, with b-sides from the odd rock classic Bitte Orca. You know what to expect, circular melodic contour, great backup singing, and the unmistakable croon of Dave Longstreth. You can't find his direction with a compass, but half the fun of the Dirty is an unpredictable trounce in calculated randomness. If you are confused, so am I. Great tune!

    5. "Providence" - The Love Language - S/T
    We know most of you have already heard this. You checked out the Guest Apartment segment we debuted yesterday, were damn impressed, and immediately located yourself a copy of The Love Language's self-titled album. If you're one of the nut-jobs who didn't...seriously, you're crazy!...might this little offering further entice you to do what you already know you need to do. DO NOT even try and ignore the haze of shuffling drums, plunky fits of piano, and sun-glazed harmonies that inhabit this purposely sloppy, stand out track. That would be crazy!

    6. "Fall Hard" - Shout Out Louds - Work
    "Fall Hard" is the second song to surface from Shout Out Louds' upcoming album Work, and it's a dandy. What was set out with first single "Walls", is only reaffirmed here on "Fall Hard". Shout Out Louds have moved away from the flourishes, and embraced a looser, slightly more deconstructed sound. For "Fall Hard", that means instrumentation and a mode of production that, at least to these ears, reminisces of the warm, Canadian aesthetic all those Arts and Crafts bands tend to have in common. Work hits stores on February 23rd.

    7. "White Sky" - Vampire Weekend - Contra
    It's still Vampire Weekend release week, which means this personal favorite from Contra is still a big deal! I know, they are everywhere I tell you! But we don't mind piling on. And with that, we give you this skittish tune that is probably the closest sounding to anything they've released before. "White Sky" is indeed nifty, with electronic sputters, pizzicato pluckings, and a lot of fancy high hat work leading the way. It also reeks of NYC imagery, which naturally, we're quite fond of (example: "Sit on the park wall/Ask all the right Questions/While all the horses races the taxis in the winter/Look up at the buildings/Imagine who might live there/Imagining your wolfords in a ball upon the sink there)".

    8. Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - " Good Bye Good Luck" - Know Better Learn Faster
    This sad little critique of busy bodies missing out on enjoying other's bodies (we think) packed quite a wallop when we filmed Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, down in Philly last November. In honor of that concert, which we released on the site earlier this week, we present you with the album version from Know Better Learn Faster, out now on Kill Rock Stars.

    9. Love Is All - " Kungen" - Two Thousand and Ten Injuries
    Two Thousand and Ten Injuries (sort of hoping that title doesn't lead to some self-fulfilling prophecy, of sorts ). It comes in the form of the curiously titled tune, "Kungen", and with it brings all those familiar, A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night -like familiarities. Josephine Olausson's clutzy vocal work, lots of "ba ba ba's", and an always driving rhythm section are what the good people at Polyvinyl have on their hands now (congrats!, btw). They will be releasing the album on March 23rd.

    10. "It Ain't Gonna Save Me" - Jay Reatard - Watch Me
    I've always loved this song, and I'm putting it as the final song on the mixtape, despite its somewhat blasphemous lyrical material (all is lost, no hope etc), and the fact that it might have been on a mixtape already. WHATEVER. For a lot of people Jay Reatard was the face of punk, and punk is all about doing whatever the f**k you want, so don't call me insensitive. I was a fan. He will be missed. But he will continue to live on through our speakers, and in our drunken rampages, and especially in our punk music. RIP, Jay.

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