baeble feature: gone, but not forgotten:: sufjan stevens' bqe
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2008

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    Baeble contributor Eric Silver has a lot to look forward to this year. But before he does, he has one more appreciative gaze back at 2007 in store. In this piece, Silver winds the dial back to November for a look at Sufjan Stevens' mysterious BQE Performances at BAM.
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    As a new year of music and concerts begin to unfold, visions of tour dates dancing in our heads, 2007 at a glance was a juggernaut for performances. Between the Police and Led Zeppelin reuniting and touring, the Arcade Fire storming our continent, culminating in a legendary show (with an impromptu aftershow) on Randall's Island, Daft Punk's summer party in Coney Island, M.I.A. and Justice performing on consecutive nights at Terminal 5, to name just a few shows, it's easy to see where your savings and hearing went. And yet, something would seem terribly wrong if Sufjan Stevens' shows at BAM wasn't properly mentioned. KEEP READING - Eric Silver

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