Single Serving: Phantogram's 'Nothing But Trouble'
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    We should all take a moment to thank Phantogram for helping us shake any memory of that awful Dan Aykroyd/Chevy Chase flick Nothing But Trouble. Their latest single, which shares a name with the aforementioned atrocity, is the latest to flow off their adversely pleasurable, forthcoming full-length Voices (Feb. 18). After already swooning over the boom of "Fall In Love" and gloom of "Black Out Days", the latest album-opening track is a welcomed addition of the duo's sweeping synth and driving pulse. Listen to "Nothing But Trouble" below.

    Voices Tracklist:

    1. Nothing But Trouble
    2. Black Out Days
    3. Fall in Love
    4. Never Going Home
    5. The Day You Died
    6. Howling at the Moon
    7. Bad Dreams
    8. Bill Murray
    9. I Don't Blame You
    10. Celebrating Nothing
    11. My Only Friend

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