Now Playing: Dale Jr Jr Go Acoustic On A Rooftop
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    What ingredients are required to create a dynamic and memorable musical duo? The past has shown us that profound vocal harmony can always serve this purpose, as can the perfect pairing of two brilliant musicians. But one shared quality that few of history's finest partnerships have flaunted is charismatic creativity. This was, until the musical minds of Detroit's Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. expelled their enigmatic panache on the world through their debut LP It's A Corporate World back in 2011. Beneath their kaleidoscopic dinner jackets Josh and Daniel brandished their own unique interpretations of pop music. And their explorations dove to even further depths on their latest gift to listeners, The Speed of Things, released in October.

    Shortly after releasing the new record, Daniel and Josh swung by the Baeble HQ to give us a special taste and discuss its making. According to Zott, this boundless creativity we're so fond of is a byproduct of the Detroit music community. "There's a sense confidence that seeps into the music," he described. "You don't care what anyone else thinks because there's no cool scene to fit into. You can exist in your own little world in Detroit."

    We invite you to take a step inside Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s little musical world, on a New York City rooftop in our latest session video.

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