Celebrating 13: The Best of Black Sabbath
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 14, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Whether we're comfortable admitting it or not, we have all experienced our own peculiar musical phases. As a ten-year-old in 1997, I was undoubtedly one of the strangest kids in the fourth grade. While my friends collected baseball cards and comic books, I was glue-sticking pages of Circus to my wall, and my number one musical obsession was a group that had celebrated their hay day over 10 years before I was born - Black Sabbath.

    My parents handled my devotion to Sabbath like any former Deadhead and attendee at the original Woodstock would - with loving disapproval. Years later, my jeans got tighter, my obsession dwindled, and my parents' blood pressure leveled, but my interest in Black Sabbath's music remains strong.

    So today I came to work to discover my childhood icons would reconvene to release their first studio album in over 35 years, and as you could imagine, I'm pretty excited about it. The album, which is scheduled to release in June, is called 13, and includes all original members sans drummer Bill Ward, who was replaced by Rage Against The Machine's Brad Wilk. Uh, I think that'll do just fine.

    Don't get me wrong, following Osbourne's departure, the band did live on to record their fair share studio albums with some pretty recognizable frontmen, but we all know the Prince of Darkness reigns supreme.

    So in celebration of the momentous release, we've put together a little timeline by choosing our favorite song off each of Ozzy's first eight albums with Black Sabbath.

    Black Sabbath (1970)
    "The Wizard"

    Paranoid (1970)
    "War Pigs"

    Master Of Reality (1971)
    "Sweet Leaf"

    Black Sabbath Vol. 4 (1972)

    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973)
    "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"

    Sabotage (1975)
    "The Trill of It All"

    Technical Ecstasy (1976)
    "Dirty Women"

    Never Say Die! (1978)
    "Never Say Die"

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