t.g.i. mixtape 91
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Although your life may have drastically changed this week when the internet decided to change your zodiac sign, we're pretty sure no matter what house your moon is in, the mixtape will fill it with awesome sounds. This one's for Ophiuchus.

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    1. "Down By The Water" - The Decemberists - The King Is Dead

    Despite the clear and present R.E.M. influence, the new Decemberist tunes still strike me as fun and flighty. This is just a taste of the new record, out in just a few short days (1/18).

    2. "Replicants" - Millionyoung - Replicants

    You can never get enough Robocop disco, my own personal label for Millionyoung's brand of dancey future-retrograde (huh?). The whole shebang impacts on 2/15/11.

    3. "Harvest Moon" - Pepper Rabbit - Beauregard

    One of my favorite sets from our CMJ show came from Pepper Rabbit, who despite being folksy and wonderful, know how to work a guitar pedal like whoa. Beauregard is out now.

    4. "Tomorrow Has To Wait" - Peter, Bjorn and John - Gimme Some

    PB and J haven't been on the radar much, but the first track from their forthcoming record Gimme Some suggests that might be changing. It's out 3/29 in the US.

    5. "#1" - Madison - The Noise Some People Make EP

    Nifty new pop lady Madison just released an EP this week, and this is the (appropriately titled) first track.

    6. "Spirit" - Arc In Round - Diagonal Fields EP

    Really into the EP from this recent new music subject. It's available 1/25 via the band's Bandcamp page (linked above).

    7. "Blood" - The Dears - Degeneration Street

    It's hard not to be pumped for a new Dears record (especially since we've had to wait so long). Hearing all the new tracks live before receiving a copy of the record was also kind of awesome (devotees will recall) but I want to walk down the street to this song. For real. It's out 2/15.

    8. "Let Go" - Night Surgeon - Day For Night

    Another recent new music offering sent me their whole record and it's just the kind of late-night neon party I was hoping. This is the third "Let Go" on my iTunes and counting that I really enjoy (bonus points for the other two).

    9. "Before I Move Off" - Mount Kimbie - Crooks and Lovers

    This track does sound remarkably like something out of a 20th Century Music textbook, but give the particles a second to coagulate from "John Cage" to "scene from Garden State", and you will be nodding in no time. Their chopped and spliced goodness can be consumed in full with their record, Crooks and Lovers, out now on Hotflush.

    10. "Cry Cry Cry" - Nicole Atkins - Mondo Amore

    Earlier this week we were lucky enough to nab a Guest Apartment session with soulful Brooklyn rock-chick Nicole Atkins, who is releasing a new record in February on Razor and Tie. If "Cry Cry Cry" is any indication, she is going to once again live up to her Dusty Springfield street cred.

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