the guest apartment: the love language
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 2010

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    Raleigh NC's The Love Language put out one of the most promising records of 2009, though sadly, we're guessing a lot of you probably never heard it (not your fault). Captured on a four track with that distinct analogue glow, the self-titled album features a collection of pop songs that pleasantly recalls bands like GBV, Sebadoh, and The Walkmen as it cycles through. Good for you, the listener... In addition to providing a rather satisfying kick, the album also gave leading man Stu McLamb a reason to set his life in order. After running off the rails just a bit (you can read a little bit about it HERE), McLamb needed rehabilitation, and looked to the recording to provide the best vessel to pilot himself out of the abyss. Good for him, the person...

    In our latest video segment, Stu is joined by his brother Jordan, vocalist Missy Thangs, and a mysterious drummer (I swear, we have no idea who that person is...or maybe we do) for this short performance in our Guest Apartment. In town for a multi-show hustling of CMJ '09, the band can be forgiven for taking things slow and easy here. We're glad they did. "Providence", though certainly sprightly by nature, drips with a thick, drowsy syrup of delicious harmonies. On "Night Dogs", Stu's vocals come at a deliciously lazy pace, finding his listener's ears whenever they damn well please, with great effect. The result is an easy-going set of contented pop songs. Given the circumstances in which the Love Language was born, this Guest Apartment session seems like a truly great place to be. - David Pitz

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    The Guest Apartment: The Love Language

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