Connecting The Weeknd's Latest 'Starboy' Music Videos
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Jinae Moss

    Along with the release of The Weeknd's highly-praised album Starboy, the "I Feel It Coming" singer has also been releasing a string of dark visuals. Not including "M A N I A," the 12 minute sampler, there are three full videos so far. And since they all seem to be connected, we decided to dive deep into the message behind each one and discover how they relate.

    1. "Starboy" ft. Daft Punk

    The song and video give a clear message that The Weeknd is breaking out of his old self and proving people wrong about who he is as a person. He isn't saying he has become a better person, he's just reinventing a different persona.

    Some thought that in the video, when the camera constantly zoomed on the cross and his eye, that it was some kind of giveaway that he's a part of the Illuminati. But what the real message is that he's just reacting to the cross and showing his perspective on religion. The Weeknd once spoke about how he grew up in a Christian household, but was never really religious in anyway. So, the crosses in the video could represent his childhood.

    The black cat in the video also plays an important role. Black cats are usually a symbol of bad luck or evil, but in "Starboy" it might show that he's taking a risky turn on himself as a person and is ready for drastic changes.

    Besides the dramatic change, The Weeknd seemed to put up a label for himself and sees no problem with it. And according to Urban Dictionary, "Starboy" means womanizer.

    2. "False Alarm"

    "False Alarm" seemed pretty hard to interpret at first but after a few spins, it made a little bit more sense. An anonymous criminal in the middle of a bank robbery. Not sure where where he's going or what's going on but he knows he's got to jet before the cops get him and the team.

    A girl is taken hostage by the group. Near the end they all get into a car crash with the girl in it. The girl is fine, but he's got a shard of glass in his stomach from the crash. He throws her the keys so she can help him out, but "false alarm," she lets herself go and takes the money with her. He was about to shoot her but chose not to.

    Turning to the right, it's The Weeknd, holding up the same cross he had in "Starboy." The message I grabbed from this was that he learned his lesson from just one mistake. He holds the cross up to remind him what happened and what he can do to avoid the same situation. The wild goose chase was a representation of running away from the problem. So in the end, when he had no choice but to come face to face with the obstacle, he understands that running away can only make things worse over time.

    3. "Party Monster"

    Fans believe the "Party Monster" is referencing Selena Gomez, but we're not sure about that. It's also believed that he wants to "get it" with an extremely attractive woman that he's never met before, and could also be involved with someone else.

    This leads right back to "Starboy," because "Party Monster" is pretty much "Starboy" in much more detail. Throughout the whole song, he's pretty much saying that he needs someone who will understand that all he needs is one thing and that life is great but that one thing is all he's missing. Not much more to it.

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