Cage The Elephant's Video for 'Cold Cold Cold' is Here Just in Time for Friday The 13th
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Cage The Elephant's new video for "Cold Cold Cold" is out, and it came at the perfect time - right before Friday the 13th.

    We all know how spooky things happen on this rare day. People die, zombies come to life, and perhaps the scariest thing of all - people get really shitty Friday the 13th tattoos just because they're on sale. But Cage The Elephant's new video is a "good" kind of spooky. It's drenched in red lights and black and white, as we see some sort of mental patient getting wheeled off to some scary parallel universe/insane asylum. You know, I couldn't really explain what happens in this video, but there's lots of flexing pecks, creepy people in masks, death, science experiments, and of course a couple shots of the band performing and dancing, looking like total rock star bad asses.

    "Cold Cold Cold" is off of the band's Grammy-nominated album Tell Me I'm Pretty, out now.

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