Nate Ruess Delivers Heartbreak In A Karaoke Bar In Latest Video
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Although we're all quietly waiting for news on whether or not fun. are even still together at this point, frontman Nate Ruess released one of last year's more notable emotional pop records with his soaring vocals fueled, Grand Romantic. It's been a bit since we'd seen any promotion for the record, but Nate Ruess just dropped the video for "Take It Back," and it is far more dramatic and impactful than its subject matter might let on.

    Starring Mulholland Dr.'s Patrick Fischler, the video centers around a sad man singing heartbreaking karaoke in a karaoke bar. Between the high drama of Ruess's voice and excellent guitar work from Wilco's Jeff Tweedy (you can never have too much Jeff Tweedy), the visuals and sound combine to create a tale of desperate longing and regret, and major kudos have to be given to Patrick Fischler for selling the hell out of the whole gimmick.

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