Unreleased Beastie Boys Video Ft. Nas Surfaces
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2015

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Every once in a while a piece of the past reclaims itself in the present. The Beastie Boys were are and always will be one of the best hip hop acts in the history of the genre, and at the very least, some of the freshest boys from Brooklyn you wish you'd ever met — R.I.P. MCA. Hip hop fans got dealt a winning a hand this week, when a previously unreleased music video was discovered by one detail oriented fan.

    While it appears to have been stashed in a dusty corner of the web for a while, the unreleased music video for "Too Many Rappers," a highlight of 2009's Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, surfaced this week on a message board (as broken by Pitchfork) dedicated to all things Beastie.

    Directed by Academy Award nominee Roman Coppola, yes relation, the video follows all four rappers—forget about Nas at your own risk— as they fuck around seriously spitting the silliest truths, from the eighties, to the nineties, to the grocery store.

    The newly surfaced video might well be the last one MCA a.k.a Adam Yauch a.k.a Nathaniel Hornblower a.k.a and music's most loved man of the millennium, was part of. Watch the lost cut below:

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