Matt And Kim Will Have A New Glow In April
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2015

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    2015 is shaping up to be a really f-ing great year for music fans. The latest industry announcement comes from Brooklyn based indie-dance duo, Matt and Kim, who have dropped news of their forthcoming album New Glow set for release April 7th.

    The pair, who have captivated fans with their high energy shows, and undeniably catchy tracks have even dropped a new lyric video for "Get It" featuring live concert footage. About the video, the band says, "We helped edit a lyric video for Get It, using live footage from a handful of festivals and shows we played in the last couple years. Going through that footage really made it hard to believe how lucky we are to have the best f**king job in the world."

    While we still have a few months before New Glow, hits the world wide web and remaining record stores around the country, the band is offering sweet deal for anyone who pre-orders the album on their official website. Buyers will get exclusive ticket access to their Spring tour starting today January 13th and the two couldn't be more excited to share their new music with the world.

    "Anyone who has seen us knows we love any style of music you can have fun and get wild to," they said in their press release. "Im not sure we were able to put that diversity on any of our albums the way we did on New Glow. While there are definitely songs that will feel familiar to people who know our stuff, there are also songs like Get It which have always been part of who we are but went unrecorded to this point."

    Click play to watch the lyric video below!

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