Troye Sivan Strides Toward Superstardom With 'My My My!'
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018

    • Posted by: Shane Croghan

    Troye Sivan released his emotive debut album Blue Neighbourhood back in 2015, emerging as a pop icon for gay youth. With this new track, he's taken a big step toward fulfilling his destiny of becoming a bona fide superstar. The melancholic tendencies of his early sound have given way to unbridled joy. "My My My!" is not just a soaring pop anthem, but a declaration of free, liberated sexuality.

    The accompanying visual, directed by pop video royalty Grant Singer, depicts Sivan dancing around a strobing warehouse with unabashed confidence. It's a video permeated by a sense of homage, harking back to icons like Madonna and George Michael, with Sivan's own appearance stirring up memories of 90s boy bands, all flowing shirts and wind machines. The new sense of assertive positivity found within the music is complemented by the reckless abandon of Sivan's choreography.

    Sivan's newfound sense of self is infectious, and so is the hook-laden "My My My!". If this track is indicative of the kind of material we're going to find on his next full-length release, then Troye Sivan could dominate the airwaves in 2018 and beyond.

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