Kendrick Lamar Steals The Crown With Feature On Jay Rock's 'King's Dead'
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    We're almost two weeks into 2018, and while we've seen plenty of new tracks drop, we've yet to really hear a new banger, until today. Jay Rock, backed by features from Kendrick Lamar and Future, has premiered "King's Dead" today, and it's certifiably hot. Interestingly enough, the track also has a short feature by James Blake. In 2018 we get weird.

    And in "King's Dead" things get pretty weird too. The track opens up innocuous enough, with Kendrick taking the intro and Jay Rock following up on the first verse. Rock is no pushover himself, but it's still worth noting that he manages to hold his own pretty well on the track, especially alongside Kendrick and Future.

    Speaking of Future, I really want to talk about his part in this track, because it's what I'm referencing when I call the track weird. For one, Future is the only one to noticeably use autotune, which I don't mind as an artistic effect, but it sounds too cloud-rap for a track intended to be raw and aggressive. Additionally, he has a bridge where he inexplicably begins scatting in an exaggerated high-pitched voice, and it's as funny as it is baffling.

    Regardless, it's not a track killer, and anyways, the track does an about face shortly after, with James Blake providing a spacey, psychedelic interlude before Kendrick returns for the final verse over a new beat. It's an intense, breathless verse that melds into the outro, and while I know this is Jay Rock's song with a feature by Lamar, Kendrick kind of ends up making it his own after all. If the king is dead, it's only because Lamar is cementing himself as a rap god.

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