BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: Ron Pope's 'Figure It Out' For The Everyman
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Nashville-based singer-songwriter and rocker Ron Pope has made his name slinging tunes as a sort of rock and roll everyman, delivering track after track grounded in earnest experience and emotional relatability. In an era that capitalizes on faux, "Joe the Plumber" types for a cheap buck, Pope stands apart as an honest-to-goodness blue-collar, Americana hero.

    And today, we're pleased to give you an exclusive first listen of his newest track, "Figure It Out", from his upcoming EP Worktapes. There's a lot to say about this track, but first, I think it's best to let the man of the moment do the speaking himself. As Ron puts it,

    "'Figure It Out' is a snapshot of my life in the first few years after I left school. I was working bullshit jobs; when I hear these tunes they remind me of the time I spent as a security guard making like six bucks an hour. I'd light out of there when my shift was done and drink until my money ran out wherever the beers were cheap and cold. All my friends at that point were little Lost Boys and Tinkerbells, trying to figure out how to survive in the mean old world. It was scary at times, not knowing if you would make rent or have money for a sandwich, but we were usually happy and mostly we felt free. Sometimes I wish I could to back there; it certainly was simpler. Like the prophet Dylan said, 'When you ain't got nothin' you got nothin' to lose.'"

    Succinct and straightforward, just like "Figure It Out". The new track channels a lot of different elements, but most especially a certain Springsteen-of-old vibe that eschews glitz and showmanship for egalitarian accessibility and uncomplicated, yet solid musicianship. It's a track that speaks to an experience we can all relate to, and it's here just in time for you to start your weekend. So follow Ron's lead once you're free from work today and grab a beer or six, and kick off your boots and "Figure It Out". While you're at it, check out our session with him here.

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