T.G.I.Mixtape 142 Curated By Ahmed Gallab of Yeasayer
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Keep an open mind, or perhaps just let it go altogether. Ahmed Gallab, a touring member of Yeasayer along with his solo project Sinkane (learn more here), has assembled ten tracks of sample-worthy goodnesss from the outskirts of avant garde compositions, jazz, and Four Tet (he could be his own genre of creation). It's a trip.

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    1. "Universe" - Aquarius Heaven

    My bandmate Jaytram put me on this. I was really scared by it at first. Blew my mind that a song so dark and demonic sounding could pump and bounce so hard. I put this on when I DJ and it seems to turn people into dancing zombies.

    2. "Immersion Partielle" - Michel Redolfi

    I'm a big fan of Avant-Garde composers. It's very relieving to step away from pop music and just listen to something a bit more abstract like this. I think it's good for the soul. There's a physical quality that comes with this song. You can feel it. I like to imagine that that is part of what Redolfi is trying to accomplish here.

    3. "Moma" - Four Tet

    Incredibly subdued futuristic head trip psychedelic music. When the track breaks to 4 on the floor coupled with jazzy drums it creates a really interesting, archaic groove that almost sounds like dance music before dance music. But it's still so futuristic sounding!

    4. "Con Suerte" - Helado Negro

    Roberto Lange's way of creating melodies out of whatever the fuck's laying around his house is pretty impressive. Jaytram and I will hang out with him, mess around with some things an he'll record it. Months later we'll be listening to his music completely awe-struck and he'll say something like "you guys played on this, remember?" he can even turn trash into beautiful music... No seriously he did that too.

    5. "Tamalpais High (At About 3)" - David Crosby

    This is a classic record. I can't pick only one track. I never thought I'd appreciate a song with multi-layered scat harmonies Tamalpais
    High) until I heard this. There is such a raw and honest quality to this album. It draws you in. Then it gets you high. Then you look at the album cover, read the title and say "Dude! I totally feel you, man!"

    6. "Are You... Can You... Were You?" - Shabazz Palaces

    It's hypnotic how the vocals and beat interlock together and make an amazing groove. This song is far out. It always blows my mind when an emcee can ride a beat like this.

    7. "A Cell" - Battiato Franco

    These songs sounded familiar to me from the get green. I would always find myself thinking "where have I heard this stuff?" I guess that's what makes amazing music.... I guess that's what also makes great sampling music. It's so weird to think that this record came out in 1971. No one has even come close to make pop music this far out.

    8. "Loop Garoo" - Dr. John

    Sinister, demonic, groovy, classic.

    9. "Jiao" - Daphni

    This is future music. Ripping Alice Coltrane solos over african dance rhythms is seriously the future.

    10. "Colors" - Pharoah Sanders

    Pharoah Sanders' music changed my life. His music is incredibly therapeutic. It also might have accidentally created the genre of smooth jazz (yikes).

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