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    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2011

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    An important part of recognizing our love of music and cool, crafty things emerging from the hipster borough is also realizing the satirical potential of such interests. Enter Christian Lander, author of the popular tome Stuff That White People Like (pictured above, "Recycling!"), which explores things like Vampire Weekend, hyper-local farming, and brunch. Because Brooklyn's breed of inhabitant known as "The Hipster" is Lander's stereotype just as much as our own, we thought it appropriate to educate our fans about the merits of carrying a moleskin notebook, or going to Vegan restaurants. Let's tour the BK!

    [Via HuffPo.]

    Guess in ten years we'll have to hang up our music hats and start filming full meals at restaurants with Michelin stars. -joe puglisi

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