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    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010

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    In the spirit of trying to remain impartial to the multitude of commentary surrounding Contra and its various dissenters, critics, rabid fans and the like, I'll pretend not to hear any of you yelling at me. Not surprisingly, Vampire Weekend has found its second record even more polarizing than the first. Vampire Weekend was a fun, poppy affair if not directly influenced by anything and everything it was accused of ripping off, but it put the band on the map, gave them some cred and a decent record deal, and certainly made them a household name. They are not the only poster children of the slightly "mainstream indie" (and least in my mind) but they are beloved by more than just people with popped collars. In short, there was a time that you bought into this band. Don't lie.

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    MP3: Vampire Weekend - "Horchata" (Contra)
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