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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 2009

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    Karin Dreijer Andersson certainly knows how to drive a fever. Back in '06 she and brother Olof damn near drove most of the music world mad in the wake of Silent Shout;
    the remarkably vibrant set of synth pop the two presented under the moniker The Knife. Of course success can be exhausting.
    And after obtaining #1 status in their home country, scooping up 6 Swedish Grammys, and piecing together a string of timeless live outings, some obvious downtime was in order. For Karin,
    that time meant having her second child and getting to work on a new batch of songs inspired by her "most productive daydreaming".

    Dubbing the project Fever Ray, Andersson is set to share her new compositions via her debut, self-titled solo set on March 24th.
    Per the peeps at Mute, the result is "an album that, while recognizably the work of the same artist, is dramatically
    different from The Knife. It's still constructed on electronic foundations and embellished with traditional instrumentation (guitar here, congas there)." First taste "If I Had a Heart" -
    playing now at HerSpace - is dense and dark for sure; a moody muck of synthetic pulses only upstaged by a haunting, breathy
    duet of sorts. - David Pitz

    Fever Ray's self-titled debut CD/LP is released on Mute on March 24, 2009. It is available for digital download January 13, 2009.

    Fever Ray Tracklisting:
    1. If I Had A Heart
    2. When I Grow Up
    3. Dry & Dusty
    4. Seven
    5. Triangle Walks
    6. Concrete Walls
    7. Now's The Only Time I Know
    8. I'm Not Done
    9. Keep The Streets

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    Fever Ray on Myspace

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