Musicians That Are Perfect Examples Of Their Star Signs
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 2018

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    If you're anything like me, you follow the astrological changes religiously -- reading your monthly, weekly and daily horoscopes like a crazed fanatic. So if you read all of this about yourself, then surely you would love to read about celebrities' star signs...or maybe that's just me. Either way, these people are just like us in this sense, they each fit into one of the twelve zodiac signs, too. But the real question is, do they really embody the star signs we think they are? Or is it as the actual scientists say, and its all just a bunch of nonsense? Well let's do some investigating and find the artists who resemble these pseudoscientific personalties.

    Aries - Lady Gaga

    Aries, the first and most rambunctious of the twelve signs. They are outgoing, wild, energetic and most importantly courageous! They're said to be the life of the party and always the center of attention, with their bold personalities it's hard to miss an Aries. So it makes a lot of sense that Lady Gaga is an Aries, just look at her. It's clear she embodies these traits -- her confidence is blatantly obvious and she is definitely the center of attention at almost every event she attends. She makes herself known and never shies away from the spotlight. Gaga also demonstrates some of Aries' negative tendencies -- she is definitely impulsive and can at times be quite aggressive in her delivery of art and herself. This woman is the definition of an Aries, so for all those Arians out there (me included), we've got one hell of a role model!

    Taurus - Adele

    These are the chill, somewhat stubborn, people of the signs. They enjoy the luxuries of life whilst indulging in their home comforts, ensuring they're comfortable at all times and rarely enjoy fast paced changes. These people are the rocks, they're reliable and stable, and they're the ones we count on in our needs of friendship and advice. Well, obviously Adele is a Taurus! She literally radiates stability and loyalty, to her fans and more so her music. Taurus' have a special tenderness to the things they hold dear, and as we have seen through Adele's lyrics and music she devotes herself to her creativity and relationships. She's all about finding that satisfaction in life, from her work and the people who surround her. She's lovable because of her realistic perspective on the world, especially through her downright stubbornness to complete her goals. Adele you are a loud and pride Taurus and we love you for it!

    Gemini - Kanye West

    If we had to guess what star sign Kanye was, Gemini is definitely the first that would come mind. He's sociable, flexible and has a confusingly large number of different personas. Geminis are known as the "twins," as they can have multiple personalities, or sides to them that they choose to show to the world. This makes them extremely versatile when it comes to socializing, as they can effortlessly blend into almost any social circle. They usually have a wide group of friends and love to experiment and venture into every aspect of life they can. This is pretty clear with Kanye, with his musical endeavors, his fashion ventures, and maybe even his potential presidency… There's no doubt he's inspirational and never boring, just like every other Gemini out there. Although the negative characteristics of a Gemini revolve around this indecisiveness that they face and can lead into nervous energy, which has been seen from Kanye from time to time.

    Cancer - Solange Knowles

    Cancers, the crabs of the zodiac. They're emotional, sensitive, and highly imaginative people. They can sometimes be difficult to get to know due to that tough shell they have to protect their highly sensitive nature. Cancers are a water sign, meaning their lives are driven by a fluidity of emotion, constantly making decisions based on their heart rather than their head. Solange is evidence of this, especially in regards to the trait that Cancers are deeply intuitive. Through her music, Solange shows us the deepest parts of herself and her culture, just like Cancers do. They are big family people, constantly resulting back to that sentimentality that comes from their heritage and family. Solange uses her music as a means to express these emotions, whilst maintaining her guard for protection against the world and it's attacks. Their drive to help others and support those close to them resonates with Solange, especially in regards to those oppressed. She acknowledges her position and uses all of that love as a means of expression in the wider world. Oh Solange, you're a crab with a big heart.

    Leo - Madonna

    These people born under the sign of Leo are dynamic and dramatic in almost every aspect of their life. They live to be admired by others and it's honestly difficult to resist their charming natures. Due to the image of a Lion, these people embody that "king of the jungle" status, especially in regards to their pride. They hate having their name or image tarnished and strive to be the best in their field. They're natural born leaders, similar to Aries hence why these two stars get along so well. Madonna in her wild, almost obnoxious, way is a true Leo. She is fearless in her decision and embraces her quirks, creating this air of admiration around her. This confidence can at times be translated into arrogance, which Madonna definitely has, but it doesn't deter people, rather it has the opposite effect. These people alike with Madonna, are driven by personal gain and success, which can create a lack of understanding for others needs. Madonna changed the face of pop music with her outrageous stunts and style, making her unforgettable, the ultimate definition of success for a Leo.

    Virgo - Michael Buble

    Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac and in turn are the biggest worries. They're constantly dealing with feelings of inadequacy and living up to their own expectations. These people are highly methodical and practical in their everyday lives and thrive on organization. Virgos have a strong sense of humanity which makes them excellent communicators as they respond with tenderness and care in everything they do. Although Michael Buble may not elicit these traits as obviously as other artists, he definitely radiates a strong humanitarian aspect. His kind nature is clear in all of his interviews and his music is extremely well thought out and follows a strict criteria. It's an almost perfect model for his swing/jazzy style of music, which in itself is such a Virgo genre of music. He embraces his sense of control and uses it as a tool to express himself, conveying his message clearly and easily so others can understand.

    Libra - Halsey

    Libras are the scales, priding themselves on their intuitive need for balance and weighing up their options. They are deeply creative people and need to be surrounded by the arts to feel fulfilled. Music and culture are always big conversation topics for these people and they thrive with others who have opinions and offer new and interesting perspectives. They have a peaceful air about them making them easy going friends and non confrontational, you will rarely ever get into an argument with a Libra. Halsey has this balanced air about her, specifically in regards to her public persona. She's known to voice opinions that are just and fair, reflective of her Libra qualities. Her various collaborations with other artists proves this desire to be surrounded by interesting people and exploring different perspectives and points of view. Her composed personality and appearance is very Libra, she's so well rounded it's an inspiration for all Libras.

    Scorpio - Lorde

    Scorpios seem to always get a bad rep just because they're somewhat jealous at times and can express themselves kind of violently, but it doesn't mean they're bad people! These people are determined and brave, making them quite successful in their designated area. Known for their resourcefulness, Scorpios make great leaders as a mysterious higher being. They have a cool air to them, which creates this kind of detached vibe to many people. However they're deeply emotional, especially in regards to dishonesty and suspicion. These traits lead to their determination to find the truth, focusing on living experiences. Lorde demonstrates this in her bravery to break boundaries and delve deeper into herself and the world around her. Her decision to cancel her tour in Israel is an example of Scorpios' stubborn convictions on matters close to them. She is fierce, in her appearance as well as her personality, but not to the point where it's frightening or off putting. These people are very popular due to their bravery, and clearly Lorde is a brave woman to have made such a career so early in life! Lorde you're an icon and you bring back Scorpio's good name!

    Sagittarius - Nicki Minaj

    A Sagittarius is a brash and wildly enthusiastic person. Their senses of humor usually define them, as people respond to this kind of energy positively. These people have an idealistic way of looking at life, and when coupled with their intense curiosity they can achieve their dreams. This need to be free to explore makes them worldly travelers, constantly seeking new and exciting adventures. However this desire to be moving all the time can lead to impatience and a less than tactful way of dealing with issues. Nicki is literally every part of a Sagittarius -- she's extremely funny and willing to experiment with different things throughout her career. Her curiosity is satisfied by trialling new personas and new ways of expressing herself. She is definitely known for her impulsive statements, but we love her for it!

    Capricorn - Marilyn Manson

    Capricorns are the last of the earth signs of the zodiac, making them highly grounded and disciplined. They are extremely responsible people, making them able to manage others and delegate work. These people have a deep sense of independence and pride themselves on their ability to focus on their professional and personal lives with little distraction. This strong realistic component to their character gives them the ability to make solid and practical plans where they will always follow through. Marilyn Manson appears to be a strange Capricorn, but there are several traits that he embodies perfectly. Although his eccentricity is similar to that of an Aries (these two signs are very alike) his forward thinking and ability to make things happen reflect on Capricorn. His unforgiving nature towards people who veer away from his values, and he can definitely get caught up in these negative perspectives. However, his stubbornness has been one of the contributing factors to his success, so despite his outwardly weird appearance, he is a Capricorn through and through.

    Aquarius - Ed Sheeran

    Aquarians are an air sign and embrace the world of possibilities. They're forward thinkers and are usually quite revolutionary in their actions. They are intellectual people and need constant mental stimulation to feel fulfilled in life. People born under this sign are similar to Libras in their ability to see different perspectives, and can make amazing mediators between contrasting sides. Ed is literally the sweetest Aquarian, he is kind, nurturing, and very future focused. They are originally humanists and thrive around other people, as does Ed, evident in all of his celebrity friendships. His work to help promote freedom of speech and equality for all is a huge Aquarius trait, making them influential due to their flamboyant natures. Ed, you're a gorgeous Aquarius and we're glad to have you!

    Pisces - Rihanna

    These people are the most tolerant of all signs, making them the most easy going and understanding. They're giving people without the hope of receiving anything in return for their good deeds, which can lead to them becoming martyr type icons. They're a water sign and so are driven by their compassion for others, especially paired with their gentle natures. Rihanna is a generous understanding human as evident in all of her activist and humanitarian work. One of the most prominent traits of Pisces are their innate musical abilities, which obviously Rihanna has in overload. Her wise speeches and knowledge is a clear reflection of Pisces and continues to demonstrate her love for people and individuals stories. These people have a comprehensive understanding of life and so form many relationships, as does Rihanna with not just her numerous friends but her fans as well. Pisces have all have a beautiful role model too look up to, if Rihanna can embody this sign and emit such positivity you can too!

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