Alice Glass Rejects The Idea of 'Forgiveness' In New Video
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 2018

    • Posted by: Shane Croghan

    Freed from the shackles of Crystal Castles, following the horrifying revelations regarding former bandmate Ethan Kath's abusive behavior, Alice Glass has been exorcising her demons through her own solo material. Her self-titled debut EP as a solo artist was released without warning back in August, and promptly followed up with a North American tour in support of Marilyn Manson. The incendiary EP is a six-track maelstrom of dark electro-pop, and the perfect catharsis for Glass' difficult 2017.

    Watching the video for "Forgiveness", Manson seems an apt companion for the reinvigorated Glass. Trashy, industrial, and fueled by a sinister undercurrent, the strobing visuals are a captivating realization of the EP's aesthetic. Glass takes center stage in the video, frantically performing in dark, dingy rooms and scrawling her lyrics across grimy bathroom mirrors. Director Lindsey Mann opts for a sort of Blair Witch inspired VHS look to capture the dark tone of Glass' lyrics, counterbalancing the danceable pop melody of the song's hook. Lyrically, "Forgiveness" speaks to disillusionment, with Glass questioning the value of forgiveness.

    It's heartening to see Glass developing a promising solo career against the backdrop of her ongoing struggle against Kath, and "Forgiveness" is another big step in the right direction. After years of oppression, Glass is finally making music on her own terms.

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