Laura Marling Releases 'Wild Fire,' We Can't Get Enough
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2017

    • Posted by: Jack Labbe

    Laura Marling released a new single this morning entitled "Wild Fire." This song will appear on her upcoming album Semper Femina, which is set to be released on March 10th. The prolific young songwriter uses this song to turn her spotlight on an unspecified muse, whom she critiques, while also realizing her own self involved tendencies in this relationship. "I think your Mama's kinda sad / And your Papa's kinda mean / I can take that all away / You can stop playing it out on me." But my favorite lyric comes in the latter half of the song, when she reveals, "You always say you love me most when I don't know I'm being seen."

    In her press release, Marling revealed that Semper Femina, "...follows a loose, lyrical thread of feminine exploration." This theme is apparent in both "Wild Fire" and her first single "Soothing" which will be featured on the upcoming album. Marling also made her directorial debut with when she directed the video for "Soothing," back in November.

    "Wild Fire" is an unexpected ear worm. Throughout the song she changes the hook and how it's sung when the mood begins to change. She changes the word from "me," to "trying to be," and then to "free" before she brings us back. Marling flutters these words away with hawk-like precision - and that little melody - is what's so hard to get out your head. It's also clever how, "me" becomes the main focus of a song written about a relationship. With Semper Femina set to be her 6th studio album, we're excited to see where this creative powerhouse decides to take us next.

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