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    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2011

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    It's a familiar story. A songwriter, a guitar, some recording equipment, and miles upon miles of no one... In the contemporary musical climate, stories of cabin folk are obvious and abundant enough. But we're feeling apt to throw another new artist on the pyre; if only for the fact that his music deserves to burn as bright as some of the big names who have come before. Meet James Vincent McMorrow.

    Like Bon Iver, to which he will no doubt be likened (this is a very good thing), prolonged bouts of isolation provided the creative catalysis for the self-recorded arrangements of Mr. McMorrow's debut album Early in the Morning to mature. In his case, it was the 5 months he spent in a home along the Irish coastline that provided the opportunity to repel down the depths of his soul...his microphones and instruments serving as his main companions along the journey to the end of the album.

    When released expect to hear the loneliness of McMorrow's quarantine hiding between the notes of the record. There are plenty of hushed, acoustic whispers fluttering about; quiet ruminations recorded in the creaky wooden rooms of his homestead. There are also huge harmonic crescendos as well; the contrast creating lots of sonic space for listener's to explore. Who knows how many dusty, sonic trinkets lurk in the darkness of this album.

    Today we offer you a chance to begin unearthing them, courtesy of an exclusive video profile of the budding musician. If you like what you hear, be sure to pick up Early in the Morning, due January 25th via Vagrant. - David Pitz

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    MP3: James Vincent Mcmorrow "If I Had a Boat"
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