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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2010

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    Odd-rock wizards The Dirty Projectors are releasing a limited edition 7", entitled Ascending Melody, populated with two previously unreleased tracks from the Bitte Orca sessions. The physical release is available today, 1/11. Fans also have the option of a totally free digital download, for the price of an email. Details after the jump.

    DP had a hell of a year. Bitte Orca cracked every top ten list, generally floating somewhere around the number two slot (they were fifth in our album poll, but we put them at number three on the editorial top ten songs). Praise from P4K, The New Yorker and even The NY Times escalated the standing of the band to new heights. After a few late night appearances, DP became one of the biggest indie releases of the year (much to the pleasure of Domino).

    You can order a physical 7-inch copy of Ascending Melody here. -joe puglisi

    Free MP3:

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