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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2010

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    Alan Palomo is one the most approachable musicians I've met on the interview circuit. He's a young guy, early twenties, laid back and very easy to talk to. You'd never guess that Neon Indian has been one of the buzziest bands of the past few months, gathering serious attention after CMJ and just now having their first selection of multiple tour dates in New York. Neon Indian emerges during a washed-out, lo-fi era of LA scuzz and New York blip dominating the cool-kid airwaves. Palomo is neither, rather an amalgamation of something else&mdash half psyched-out, half electro-composer whiz-kid. A Texan with influences in Mexican pop music, a father and brothers who were all classically trained, and an armada of noise toys, Alan Palomo is an approachable, appetizing artist with a great body of work beyond his current project.

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