The Killers' Music Video For 'Rut' Is A Touching Tribute To Those Living With Mental Illness
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    The Killers have debuted a music video for their track "Rut", the moving ballad and single off their fifth studio album Wonderful, Wonderful. For the video, the band teamed up with frequent collaborator Danny Drysdale, who also directed music videos for their tracks "Human" and "World We Live In".

    The video follows a single woman throughout the course of her life, chronicling her struggles with depression from her childhood to adulthood. Lead singer Brandon Flowers revealed the song was inspired by his wife's struggles with PTSD and depression, and visually, the video deftly captures the feelings of isolation and sadness expressed in the song.

    Following the direction of the song, the video builds in intensity, and as the chorus grows louder and faster, echoing the line "don't you give up on me" so too does the visual narrative, until our protagonist emerges maybe not entirely relieved of what's oppressing her, but at the least, standing side-by-side with someone who will support her through the fight. It's a touching moment, and where most songs and videos dealing with mental illness often border upon cheesy, overdramatic and unrealistic, there is a sense of grounded realism in the video. It's emotionally stirring, and a hell of a dedication to the one you love.

    Wonderful, Wonderful is out now, via Island Records.

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