Day Trip With Cults' Music Video Mashup For 'Right Words' And 'Natural State'
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    NYC-based indie-pop duo Cults released a music video today for not one, but two songs. Interestingly though, it's still only one video.

    Combing the tracks "Right Words" and "Natural State" off their recent full-length Offering, the video blends mediums and styles at the same time that it blends the two songs. The total run time of the video is well under the run time of the two songs combined, and it seems like the second song in the video, "Natural State", got most of its material cut. However, instead of a song and a half, we get a song with a new outro, as the two tracks run pretty seamlessly, transition from "Right Words" dark psych-pop sound into the classic dance hall sound of "Natural State".

    All in all, it's a tripped-out, psychedelic piece of work, but maybe not so much fun for those whose skin crawls at the thought of ants all over them. That's your warning, there's a lot of ants in this video. Things get weird, things get experimental, and things get antsy (see what I did there?) but in the end, it's successful creation of kind of a new song.

    Offering is out now, via Sinderlyn.

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