10 Memorable Grammy Performances
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2018

    • Posted by: Piera Lolandes

    The 2018 Grammys are right around the corner and as many of us already know the nominees for this year, we don't exactly tune in to watch them win. Sure, we care if our favorite artists are recognized by winning in the categories they've been nominated in. For example, SZA who now holds the most nominations for a female artist this year, which includes Best New Artist and Best Urban Contemporary Album. But to be completely honest, most of us are just excited to watch the performances that will have us talking about them for days after the show airs. So what better time to take a look back at previous performances that have left a mark as we await for them to take the stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City on January 28.

    This is in no particular order, by the way. We'll let you decide which one is your favorite because they're all pretty memorable, to say the least.

    Eric Clapton "Tears In Heaven" | Grammys (1993)

    The Grammys are known for their over the top performances but Eric Clapton slows things way down with this simple rendition of "Tears in Heaven" and it's perfection. The man can read me his grocery list and I'm sure I'll be in tears listening to him.

    Michael Jackson "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Man in the Mirror" | Grammys (1988)

    This legend was no stranger to giving great performances but this is known as one of his most memorable. In this ten minute long video, he performs not one but two songs. With his charisma, unique dance moves and vocals, he totally kills it.

    Beyonce & Tina Turner "Proud Mary" | Grammys (2008)

    Two icons in one stage? Yes please! We watch Beyonce share the stage with someone she looks up to and admires and it's amazing. Their voices compliment each other which makes this rendition of the song a memorable one.

    Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" | Grammys (1994)

    How can we not feature this icons performance? This performance is just beautiful and that's all I have to say about that. Her voice will forever live on.

    Jennifer Hudson "I Will Always Love You" | Grammys

    Shortly after Whitney Houston's passing, Jennifer Hudson had the honor and very difficult task of singing Houston's iconic song as a tribute. Needless to say, Hudson brings all the feels with this very touching performance which gains her a standing ovation by the end.

    Adele "Hello" | Grammys (2017)

    It was a tie between Adele's 2012 and her 2017 Grammy performances but I went for the one from last year. Simply because it showcases her ability to give an amazing performance without a band and background singers or dancers. It's simply just Adele and her voice that we've all come to love.

    Kendrick Lamar "The Blacker The Berry", "Alright" | Grammys (2016)

    Leave it up to Kendrick Lamar to not only put on a great performance but also send a message along with it. He fuses his two songs seamlessly as he gives us all something to think about afterwards.

    Eminem feat. Elton John "Stan" | Grammys (2001)

    Staying on the topic of performances with great messages behind them, we couldn't leave this one out. This song already carries a great message but Eminem went the extra mile by incorporating visuals from the music video to help bring this performance to life. And as if that wasn't enough, Sir Elton John lends his vocals and piano skills.

    Gorillaz feat. Madonna "Feel Good Inc", "Hung Up" | Grammys (2006)

    Well, this was a collaboration no one saw coming. The Gorillaz virtual band members team up with Madonna for this unforgettable performance. This includes a camio by De La Soul but that's quickly forgotten as Madonna appears and interacts with the holograms. Crazy. Again, they also managed to fuse both songs perfectly

    Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, & Pink "Lady Marmalade" | Grammys (2002)

    Who doesn't remember this performance? Well in case you forgot about it, here ya go. The ladies basically bring their music video to life in this performance and kill it. Talk about girl power!

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