Streets of Laredo Turn In A Spunky New NEXT Sesh
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2017

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Streets of Laredo are a close-knit band of family and friends who rolled the dice and relocated from their native New Zealand, settling in Brooklyn to pursue their dream. After penning a song for his brother's wedding, Daniel Gibson, along with brother David and sister-in-law Sarah Jane played one show and skipped over the Pacific, landing in Bushwick and gigging as much as they could. It's an experience that colors the narrative of their new album Wild. The title serves as a personal mantra for the band. "If you're going to take a risk, go all in and just give what you're doing your absolute all," Sarah Jane explained. Which is precisely what Streets of Laredo are doing.

    The band recently swung by our place for a giddy new NEXT session. Rounding out their sound with a couple American additions, the five piece powered up their amps for this delightful performance of songs from the album. Daniel and Sarah Jane also told us a lot about the roots of the band, the big daring move to the other side of the planet, and the ups and downs that have followed in its wake. "Ordering a bagel was quite tough work at the time," Daniel joked. "But I think it was a good idea...maybe?" Oh it was.

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