GEAR TALK TUESDAY: The Making of The Acoustic Guitar with Jack Savoretti
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Coming off the release of his latest album Sleep No More, Jack Savoretti is killing it. With not one, but two appearances on The Graham Norton show in just one year and a lengthy leg of tour dates, this UK singer-songwriter is growing rapidly. With songs like "When We Were Lovers," "Helpless," and "Only You," he shows off his raspy voice and warm guitars. And apparently, Savoretti is really into his guitar of choice, too. When we asked him about his favorite piece of gear, he not only chose his acoustic guitar, but briefly dove into the very interesting history of the instrument.

    "Many years ago I was invited to perform at a Martin Guitars event at the Hard Rock Cafe in London," Savoretti told us. "I had recently been able to get my first Martin Guitar and had the honor of meeting Chris Martin. He shared an incredible story with me about the guitar I had chosen, Martin's OOO 28 VS. Apparently the first acoustic guitar was made by his great great Grandfather Chris Martin the 1st. At the time they were making classical guitars with nylon strings but they were noticing Italian immigrants arriving in North America with mandolins that had steel strings. Realizing that steel strings were much more durable, they tried them on the classical guitars they were making and so was born the acoustic guitar."

    He continued, "the OOO 28 VS is the body of a classical with steel strings very similar to the first ones they must have been making. I love that they combine Italian and European influences with the realities of the American frontier. Just goes to show acoustic guitars are not only about country western."

    Jack will also be visiting the US for a string of tour dates, which you can find HERE.

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