5 Artists You Need to Know From The Brooklyn Record Label Sacred Bones
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    2017 is looking to be a year of high hopes for a Sacred Bones, a label that been releasing both beautifully uplifting and brutal records over the past few years. Along with a couple of their albums making it towards the top of the "Best Albums of 2016" end-of-year lists on Pitchfork, Sputnik Music, and The Needle Drop, they're making a good case for themselves to be paid attention to. Here are five artists from Sacred Bones that you need to listen to right now.

    1. Marissa Nadler

    With her cinematic and thick brand of indie-folk, Marissa Nadler's skill and appeal come from the dreamy and beautiful atmosphere she creates. With the gentle and broken timbre of her voice coupled with lush guitar lines and stings, it makes you feel like you're floating away. Nadler's album Strangers reached #25 on the year-end list for The Needle Drop.

    2. Zola Jesus

    Yo! She's the one on that M83 intro track, right? Yup. And the solo stuff that Zola Jesus is doing on this label is amazing. Ranging from soaring indie synth-pop to stripped down piano ballads, the singer uses her powerful voice to complement any project she undertakes. Zola Jesus is definitely one to pay attention to.

    3. Jenny Hval

    With the release of her album Blood Bitch last year, Jenny Hval is proving herself to be one of the most interesting dreamy art-pop performers right now. With her airy synth atmospheres and the deceiving sweetness of her voice, it couples to make both satisfying and thought-provoking sounds. Her videos are also super weird too, and I have no idea what most of them actually mean - I love it. Blood Bitch reached #23 on Pitchfork's year-end list, and #22 on Sputnik Music's.

    4. Dream Police

    Nah, not the cheesy hair metal band. Thank god. These guys are a rockin' indie psychedelic rock project that has funky bass lines, a 60s rock attitude, and some awesome synth layering. Check them out!

    5. David Lynch
    And the guy who did the Twin Peak's soundtrack? He's on here too? Yup, and along with composing haunting TV scores, he also finds some time to make awesome remixes of other people's music. This Zola Jesus one is my favorite.

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