Of Course Justin Bieber's Dumb Enough to Egg His Neighbor's Home
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Justin Bieber may have retired from music, but he's still hard at work at being a total dick. Last night Bieber was involved in a mischievous egg assault on his neighbor's home in Calabasas. It must suck being the eldest child in the family as you miss out on the wealth of wisdom passed down by older siblings like, 'if you must vandalize (egg, T-P, etc.) do it in someone else's fucking neighborhood.'

    The neighbor recorded the video below of the altercation where you can hear Bieber yell "Fuck you!" and the neighbor continuously refer to him as a "little bitch", which kinda rules. You can also hear the neighbor's 13-year-old daughter call the police and nearly order a pizza.

    According to TMZ, the nearly two-dozen eggs caused around $400 worth of damage, which could result in the Biebs facing vandalism felony charges.

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