pc load letter: a fresh look
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 2011

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    Some of you may have noticed the video pages on our site have undergone a dramatic revamp in structure and presentation. The Concerts, Guest Apartments, Music Videos, and Interviews sections of Baeble are all set up to make it easier for you to see what's trending with users and what's playing from our back catalog, as well as what new to our collection.

    The new layout is much simpler to understand and process; a set of filter-enabling radio buttons at the top are the only interruptions from the videos themselves, presented in a 3x4 box of descriptions, thumbnails, ratings and views. This allows for users to quickly switch between staff picks, high rated videos, and what's new, creating a much more streamlined content discovery experience.

    We want to offer you all the ability to look beyond just the frosting on our video cake. We hope that this new set of tools will let you see all the different layers and idiosyncratically of our four years of collection, creation, and discovery. Enjoy! -joe puglisi

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