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One of Jersey's more renowned noise rock acts takes a trip down the shore, where planes streak plumes across the sky blue sky. Yes, it's simple, but the planes move in such drastic, death defying, and violent ways...all in the name of their graceful trace of billowy smoke on an infinite canvas. Later, the video takes on more kaleidoscopic qualities, with a musical metaphor of some sort serving as its' conclusion, which is all well and good. We're sort of in to the general dare-deviling of its' first half though. - David Pitz

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Yo La Tengo is one of the most beloved and respected bands in America. For nearly thirty years, Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew have enjoyed success entirely on their own terms playing the worlds best concert halls, museums, and dives, dominating critics lists, doing a Simpsons theme, playing the Velvet Underground in I Shot Andy Warhol, sharing stages with some of the most important musicians of our time, and even creating a holiday tradition onto themselves with their yearly series of Hanukkah shows at Hoboken, New Jerseys legendary club Maxwells, from which theyve donated hundreds of thousands to charity.



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Yo La Tengo

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