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In the new Young Replicant directed video for "Loud Mouths," the lead single from the highly acclaimed These Wings EP, Wise Blood's Chris Laufman stars as the lead character, fighting for survival in a mysterious, doomed world. "We wanted to see what happens when someone defies the natural order and mocks the secret power structures that bind society," explains Young Replicant. "Wise Blood's music invites the kind of mythic allegory that finds redemption in martyrdom."

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Wiseblood is an electronic noise-rock band formed by Clint Ruin (aka J. G. Thirlwell) and Roli Mosimann. In Ruin's words, Wiseblood is "violent macho American [music] made by non-Americans."[1] The material tends toward the realm of the darkest and most sexual Foetus songs, with Mosimann's Swans lineage showing in the slow, crushing pacing of many tracks. Thematically, Wiseblood's lyrics center around the misanthropic exertion of power, typically via murder, sex or assault. Wiseblood existed intermittently from the mid-1980s through the early 1990s.

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Wise Blood

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