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The music of Mississippi duo Water Liars has a way of cutting straight to your soul. So when they presented their new music video for "Wyoming" featuring a lip-syncing, thonged temptress on a stripper pole, the emotional clash was astronomical.

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Water Liars is Andrew Bryant and Justin Kinkel-Schuster. They met on tour some time ago and have been friends ever since. Named after the first story in Barry Hannahs collection Airships, Water Liars began by accident in Pittsboro, MS in late 2011. Justin, who previously spent some time in a St. Louis-based band named Theodore, writes the songs and Andrew makes them better.

The new Water Liars record Wyoming was made in Water Valley, MS in September 2012. Weighted with accumulated evidence from experience, its likely to stab anyone who may hear it in the gut and the heart. And then theyll turn the record over again.

Their first album Phantom Limb was the product of the aforementioned accident; a collection of songs, recorded without aim over one weekend at Bryants house in Pittsboro, released by Misra Records in March 2012.

Water Liars is on tour forever.



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