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The new Vagina Panther video, Dave You are Killing Me was conceived and directed by the reclusive New York directorial collective: Satan's Pearl Horses. The video finds the band frolicking in an enchanted forest and through using the power of film, magic, mirrors, awesome, peace, war, love, hate, and stop-motion their alter-egos come to life, turning the members of Vagina Panther into juicy, pulsating, dancing, gyrating crotch monsters. This is some serious shit.

Artist Bio

Vagina Panther (VP if yer sensitive) is an illegal rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Illegal for sure in a world where Bon Scott, Glenn Danzig and GG Allin can't wed one another, but should. In a world of end times where getting hammered and throwing a brick through a window is a righteous reaction to the ticking clock. It's the Black Flag-Led-Zeppelin-Slayer-influenced sound of breaking laws born of cheap hooch and raw riffs.


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Vagina Panther

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