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Ula Ruth may just be the next up-and-coming indie rock sensation. Based in New York City, the members created their band to pay tribute to a family member who changed her identity when she moved to New York from Mississippi to obtain a fresh start, and to fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer. The band released their first full album Restless Nights last January, and now, they are premiering a video for one track off the album, "Shake It Off."

Directed by Rich Ruggiero, the video consists of a subtle boy-meets-girl storyline, through its own original and fresh approach. The "boy," played by Will and Ben Arland of The Ballroom Jacks, waits for a girl that he doesn't know, as those who surround him party and live their lives. Juxtaposed with the songs underlying message of the freedom of being young and changes in life, it is a delicate warning to those who wait for life to happen, instead of enjoying each moment as it comes. The video also features the band itself, showcasing lead singer Nic James belting his strong vocals, and artful shots of Guitarist Andrew LeCoche, Bassist Kevin Clymer and Drummer Luc James playing their best.

Watch the video for "Shake It Off" and buy Restless Nights here.

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Ula Ruth is a New York based Indie Glam Rock band taking their cue from the likes of Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. Known for their energetic, highpowered live performances, theyre a band paying homage to family member and namesake who was forced to change her identity after arriving in New York City, from rural Mississippi to visualize her dreams of becoming a singer.

Lead by the vocals of Nic James who has been described as having "a growl that can compete with alternative rocks best vocalists (The Deli), Guitarist Andrew LeCoche, Bassist Kevin Clymer and Drummer Luc James round out the foursome each contributing to the bands infectious energy felt through their recorded music and live performances.


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