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A couple of weeks ago, we posted an article about Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer going on tour together and their plan to release Sukierae, an album under the familial moniker, Tweedy.

Well, now that everyone had a chance to fully digest the news and complain that what we were given was not enough to hold us down, the Tweedy's have given us all a reassuring nod that new music is on its way.

If you were lucky enough to attend Mountain Jam in early June, then you already had the immense privilege of hearing 12 entirely new songs by the father-son band, but as for the rest of us, anxiously refreshing the band's website page in hopes of new material just won't cut it anymore.

Thankfully, the Tweedys finally released a studio version of one of the 12 songs played. The song, entitled "Summer Noon", has Jeff's jangling guitar quietly floating above the soft-folk gallop of Spencer's drums, need I say more?



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