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Trapdoor Social sound like it's members are used to living a sun-baked existence. Guitar's crackle like they've burnt up in one hundred degree weather, there is snappy programming and a wash of synths cooling everything down, and vocals reach for the kind of anthemic choruses that sound best in a convertible moving very, very quickly. Like Weezer, Rooney, and The Killers before them, the LA band make a kind of power-pop that seems to come easiest to bands residing in the Southwestern corner of the country. To put it simply, Trapdoor Social specialize in summer music, which is why we're thrilled to be premiering their video for the not-so-surprisingly-titled single, "Sunshine" on this, the dreaded last week before everyone flips the switch to Fall.

The visuals for "Sunshine" seem Madmen inspired. A classy, backyard cookout initially seems perfect on the surface, but domestic turmoil boils underneath, all while the band makes appearances advising our housewife heroine to "fill it up with sunshine/Get on with your life". Something tells us this here marriage ain't meant to be.

The band recently shared their self-titled album earlier this month and they're currently smack dab in the middle of a tour that's made stops in all over the country so far. Check out dates HERE and pick up the album HERE.

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TRAPDOOR SOCIAL is Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk, and they're here to save the world. Merritt and Skylar met at the Environmental Analysis program at Pomona College in Southern California. By day they studied the challenges for planet Earth, and by night they found refuge in their music.



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