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Here's a dose of of something danceable to get your day going. Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun are a new wave outfit from Atlanta Georgia specializing in infectious, synth-laden concoctions, such as the appropriately titled "Powerline". Singing "I'll pick you right up / Into a powerline / I'll charge you up", singer Lauren Gibson cranks the energy on this stand out from their recently released, Q.U.A.D.S. EP. The video, which we're premiering today, is beautifully directed by Chris Downs and finds the bands perched on monochromatic skylines like heroes in a comic book. Have a look and listen.

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Pro tip: If the your band's name contains six words and a comma, you'd better be very good. Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun, however, is a jaw-dropping, synth-rocking, heartstopping blast of awesome. Hailing from Atlanta, this co-ed four-piece describe themselves as "new wave indie rock", and although they would fit nicely on a bill with bands like Metric and Chvrches, the usual tags fall short of capturing the unique and potent essence of their sound. Sexy, dangerous, and dynamic, TTMTTS have been touring full-time for the last five years, lighting up unsuspecting crowds across the country and leaving scorched dance floors in their wake.



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Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun

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