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In their latest music video for "No future Part Three: Escape From No Future" from The Monitor, Titus Andronicus show the world that (thankfully) there is more to New Jersey than Snooki, Cake Bosses, and table flipping housewives. They set up performances across various New Jersey outdoor locations where they threw a lot of passion into their movements and demonstrated their pride with a nearly constant presence of the Jersey state flag. The band make an effort to explore the true heart of their state, incorporating behind-the-scenes travel clips, performances in a forest, rooftop cheers, and lots of running up to audience members. The song is a chantable tune, and therefore perfect for the state-spirit theme of the music video, helped along by many devoted Titus Andronicus fans.

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A punk-inflected indie rock group whose bawling, thrashing sound reflected a wide range of influences ranging from the Pixies to Bright Eyes to Bruce Springsteen, Glen Rock, NJ's Titus Andronicus formed in 2005 with Liam Betson, Ian Graetzer, Eric Harm, Patrick Stickles, and Dan Tews. The band's debut full-length, The Airing of Grievances (which makes reference to a Seinfeld episode), was released on Troubleman Unlimited in 2008. - allmusic.com



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