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Hard hitting, NJ outfit Those Mockingbirds have a soft-side, at least that's what the premiere of their new video for "How To Rob A Bank" suggests. The casting of the video's protagonist is a cute touchdeceptively cute it would seem. This here kid packs a mighty big punchmaybe these guys don't know the first thing about pulling off the perfect heist? You be the judge.

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The names and faces here are not what matters. What matters about Those Mockingbirds is the ingrained desire and effort to make music that resonates; music that can be felt in the pit of the stomach and above all, music that matters. It could be a distorted guitar, fluid overtones, or male and female vocals are all delicately woven together, creating moments that transition effortlessly from fragile ambience to a crushing resolve. It may seem like the pieces of the puzzle are spread all over the table while in reality they're creating a single picture that all makes sense.



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Those Mockingbirds

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