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England's These New Puritans have a thing for the dramatic...especially on their latest album Hidden, and especially in this new video for "Hologram". The tune itself is an interesting flutter of plunky fits on the piano, skittering snare drum, woozy horns, and an eventual heart beat pulse aboard the toms. In the stylish, black and white video, a pair of pianists mimic the audible oddities, giving off a somewhat troubling vibe, and I'm not exactly sure why. Here they hunch over the keys, expressions aghast as singer Jack Barnett pleads for someone to shut the door.

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Hailing from the town of Southend, England, the four-piece These New Puritans play Fall- and PiL-inspired music that also takes on elements of electronica and dance. Comprised of vocalist Jack Barnett (who also plays the guitar and laptop), his twin brother and drummer George, keyboardist Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, and bassist (and man behind the sampler) Thomas Hein, the band formed in 2006, when all the members were still in their teens. Their edgy aesthetic and particular live show (Jack, for example, usually performed wearing a shirt fully buttoned to his neck), soon brought the group attention from the British press, enough that soon-to-be-former Christian Dior designer Hedi Slimane asked Barnett to compose something for his fall 2007 collection for Dior Homme, a piece, "Navigate, Navigate," which was then debuted in Paris in February at the fashion show. In October of that same year, These New Puritans issued an EP, Now Pluvial, on Angular Records. Their first U.S. release. Navigate, Navigate, came out in America in February 2008, a 12" that acted as a primer for their debut full-length, Beat Pyramid, which emerged the following month. - allmusic.com


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