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There are drinks. There is light. There is dark. There are girls. There are boys. A club...things happen. Slippery, slow, and sexy things. Romance? Maybe. Lust? Most definitely. Sorry to be lewd, but this is the imagery that zips across my mind whenever the music of London quartet The XX starts to churn. Blame the band I guess.

Featuring dual vocalists in Romy Madley Croft and Jamie Smith, The XX make minimalist indie pop that not-so-subtlety traces the boundaries of r&b and soul music. Dark, moody, and sparkling with lots of abstract light, theirs' are songs that feel like those daring moments when brushing up against danger is an absolute necessity.

Recently, the band shot a video for first single "Basic Space", and not surprisingly, the treatment looks a lot like the band's music sounds. Contrasting dark and light, abstruse beams of light whipping 'round the band's brows; this here video is modern, stylish, and a little bit menacing.

Artist Bio

The xx are an English indie pop band, formed in Wandsworth, London in 2005. The group released their debut album, xx in August 2009. The album ranked highly on many best of 2009 lists, placing number one on the list compiled by The Guardian and second for NME. In 2010, the band won the Mercury Music Prize for their debut album. Their second album, Coexist, was released on 10 September 2012.



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