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The Wilderness of Manitoba is a five-piece folk set from Ontario that arose randomly one night as five friends casually drank tea and played music in the basement of a house in Toronto. Most of these sessions fostered the establishment of their band and the foundation of their EP Hymns of Love & Spirits, which came out in 2009. Their full-length record When You Left The Fire is out now in Canada, but will be released in the U.S. on May 10. The band just released this performance video for unreleased song, "November"...a Baeble exclusive!

It's a stunningly picturesque music video in which the full band sits in a candle-lit living room as if an improtu jam session arose and they just filmed it. Throughout the video it becomes clear that the members of the band have created something magical with their folk sensibilities and unwavering joint melodies. The format and context of this music video is the same as their video for "Orono Park," another beautiful, earthy track from the EP and album.

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The Wilderness of Manitoba are a Toronto-based folk-rock group.



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The Wilderness of Manitoba

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